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Custom Ordering Q & A's

How do I order?

The best way to order is to come visit us in person & bring your inspiration. We want to give you our full attention & cake you deserve. If that's not possible you can order via Facebook, or our order request form

When should I order?

We fill up fast so  you should always order 2-3 weeks in advance. However, don't let that stop you from giving us a call to check our availability.


How do I try your cake before I order?

We offer a variety of cupcake flavors daily, please stop in at any time to purchase a few to share and taste before you order!


What do I need to do to book my cake?

All custom orders are secured by a non-refundable retainer. This secures your order on the date & time you need it. Any order you have TALKED about but have NOT paid a retainer on IS NOT SECURED! We do book quickly so please place a retainer if you would like a custom order.


How big of a cake do I need?

Every bakery has its own sizing they offer. Please stop in & we can make sure your cake is enough for your party.


Can you print images onto a cake?

We do have the capabilities for creating edible images or printing onto a cake. If you would like to order one of these and have us place it on your cake we would be happy to. There is an additional $10 fee for this service.


Refunds, returns, & exchanges 

As we are a custom food service we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges on any items once they have left our store. If you are unhappy with a product and bring it our attention we will do our utmost to make sure you leave satisfied. 


Order Request Form

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More important info!


We hear there’s a wedding in the works.  Congratulations!  Let’s make yours
one to remember!  Weddings have a lot of different traditions and celebrations
wrapped up in them.  One of our favorites is the Shower.
Whether you’re planning a traditional Bridal Shower, a Personal Shower, a
Couples Shower, or a creative version all your own, you’re gonna need food –
and by that we mean Goodies!  Wedding Showers are the perfect place to
assemble an assortment of dessert fun that your guests will love and remember.  

As you can see by looking through the gallery, there are a lot of cakes
in our standard repertoire as well as cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and more. 
If you like something that you see there, you can simply order it.  You can also
use an item from the gallery as a starting place and then customize it to make it your own.

Perhaps you already have an idea or a theme and you want a custom
creation.  We can help you do that too.  All of the cakes in the gallery were
somebody’s idea once.  We’re happy to help you develop a design of your own.

There’s no charge for our standard decorations.  We’re happy to add those
where you like.  We’ll do our best to match the color and theme of your
invitations or other favors.
If you want to go above and beyond our standard decorations, we can create
custom fondant or sugar decorations just for you.  There is an extra charge for
these, but nothing sets off your unique theme like one-of-a-kind custom
decorations and favors.


As with any occasion, cake is available with options.  You can order cakes of
various sizes and shapes, cupcakes, or cake pops.  Often, the final order is
the perfect mixture of multiple items for a show-stopping dessert display that
will have your guests talking about your shower for years.
Cookies Brownies & More!

In addition to cake, you can use cookies, brownies, chocolate-dipped pretzels
and more to build out your unforgettable goody table.  Our homemade sugar
cookies are the perfect canvas for displaying messages.  Use them to
commemorate the event with name and date information.  They also make for
very creative place cards and favors.

Decadent brownies add a chocolate touch for some extra rich fun and
decorated pretzels offer a splash of color and sprinkles.  Use any combination
of these delicious options to craft a memorable experience and yours will be
the shower people talk about for years.

We offer Free Wedding Cake tasting! You do have to call ahead and schedule yours we are available Wed-Sat 12pm-6pm! You can have a party up to 4people for your cake tasting and we offer 6 cake flavors, as well frosting, and fillings.

Schedule a Cake Tasting!

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