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How do I order?


The best way to order is to come visit us in person & bring your inspiration. We want to give you our full attention & cake you deserve. If that's not possible you can order via Facebook, or our order request form

When should I order?


We fill up fast so  you should always order 2-3 weeks in advance. However, don't let that stop you from giving us a call to check our availability.

Refunds, returns, & exchanges 


As we are a custom food service we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges on any items once they have left our store. If you are unhappy with a product and bring it our attention we will do our utmost to make sure you leave satisfied. 

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon!

More important info!


Memorie Makers has over 100 different flavors of cupcakes alternating
throughout the year!   Purchase a variety daily in our stores one at a time or in
any quantity you like.  If you need (or just want) more than two dozen, you
should call ahead and place your order in advance.  Unfortunately, we can’t
make every flavor every day, so you can order flavors that aren’t on the daily
in-store menu by the dozen in advance. There is an extra charge for flavors
not on the menu. Need your cupcakes decorated to go with a specific theme
or the colors?  No sweat, and there’s no extra charge for most sprinkles

or colored sugar.  We do charge extra, though for custom fondant
decorations, colored buttercream, custom made sprinkle mixes, metallic
accents and more elaborate details.
Cupcake pricing is in the chart below. They come in many sizes: mini, regular
size. Contact us for specialty pricing or if you need a creative idea for an
upcoming event.
Whether you buy one cupcake or dozens of them, they will look like a million
bucks in our professional packaging. We normally package them in our white
cupcake boxes by the dozen or our clear packaging, However, we can also
accommodate special packaging needs to best serve your theme and colors. 
This is often the case when corporate customers order individually packages
cupcakes for their events.
Check out our galleries for ideas.  We make cupcakes for just about any
occasion: bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, birthdays, corporate
events, christenings, baptisms, graduations, sporting events, open houses,
book clubs, bachelorette parties, grand openings, etc.




Cupcake Prices/Extras

$3.25 per cupcake
$0.15 extra per cupcake for fillings
$0.50 simple topper (toothpick toppers, single shape)
$0.75 medium topper (multiple different shapes)
$1.00 large/intricate topper (multiple different shapes and colors.
$3.50 for intricate cupcakes (animals, characters, etc).
$4.00 each for fondant topped cupcakes
*Simple, medium, and large toppers are PER cupcake.
*For each additional color, its 0.50 per cupcake

Cupcakes by the dozen
$36 for 1 dozen (12) 12 per each flavor baked
$72 for 2 dozen (24)
Add extra $36 per dozen (12)
$15 per dozen Mini Cupcakes (must order at least 2 dozen). Add $15
per additional dozen.
Gluten Free & Vegan
Gluten Free & Vegan cupcakes are $4 each
$48 per dozen (12)
*Add $48 per additional dozen (12)
Keto cupcakes are $4 each
$48 per dozen(12)


Cupcake Flavors

● Peppermint Mocha
● Pina Colada
● Peach Ring
● Peach Mojito
● Pink Champagne
● Pistachio
● Pop Rocks
● Pumpkin Cookie Dough
● PB&J
● Pumpkin
● Recess

● Red Velvet
● Rootbeer
● Salted Caramel
● Samoa
● Salted Caramel Pretzel
● Shamrock shake
● Smores
● Snickerdoodle
● Snickers
● Spice Cake
● Strawberries n Cream
● Sour Patch Kid
● Strawberry
● Tiramisu
● Vanilla Raspberry
● Very Vanilla
● Wedding Cake
● Watermelon Lemonade
● White Chocolate Raspberry

● Pina Colada
● Peach Ring
● Peach Mojito
● Pink Champagne

● Classic Chocolate

● Coconut

● Coconut Cream

● Coffee

● Cookie Dough

● Cotton Candy

● Dark Chocolate Raspberry

● Death by Chocolate

● Eggnog Spiced Rum

● Funfetti

● Ding Dong

● Fruity Pebbles

● German Chocolate

● Gingerbread

● Grandma's Cake

● Honey Lavender

● Hot Chocolate

● Irish Creme

● Irish Karma

● Key Lime

● Kahula & Horchata

● Lavender Mocha

● Lemon
● Lemon Blueberry
● Lemon Raspberry
● Lemon Raspberry
● Lucky Charms
● Maple Bacon
● Matcha
● Mocha
● Matcha Chai
● Mimosa
● Mint Julep
● Mocha
● Neapolitan
● Oatmeal Cream Pie
● Opera Creme
● Orange Cranberry
● Orange Dreamsicle
● Oreo
● Orange Strawberry

● Almond
● Almond Joy
● Almond Raspberry
● Andes Mint
● Apple Pie
● Apple Snickerdoodle
● Baileys
● Black Forest
● Black Raspberry Chip
● Blueberry
● Bourbon Pecan
● Bubblegum
● Blackberry Cobbler
● Blue Razz
● Boston Creme
● Butter Pecan
● Buttered Popcorn
● Candy Cane
● Candy Corn
● Caramel Pumpkin
● Chocolate Salted Caramel
● Caramel Apple
● Caramel Brownie
● Caramel Macchiato
● Caramel Toffee
● Caramel Banana Toffee
● Carrot Cake
● Chocolate Nutella
● Cannoli
● Cookie Butter
● Chai
● Champagne
● Cherry
● Chocolate Lavender
● Chocolate Orange
● Chunky Monkey